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Is Your iPhone Slowing Down? Learn The Truth About Apple’s Update

Is Your iPhone Slowing Down? Learn The Truth About Apple’s Update

If you ​have had an iPhone ​for ​some time now, you may have ​noticed ​your iPhone ​slowing down ​over time. It may have crossed your mind ​that your ​iPhone running slow after update ​whenever Apple releases a new iOS​.

Well, you are not alone. There is a conspiracy theory going around for quite some time now which states that Apple makes older iPhone models a disappointment to use after new ones are released. Older iPhone's tend to slow down or even shut down.

This lead to frustration among ​users which ultimately ​forced them to upgrade even though the older ​ones are perfectly fine in other aspects. This phenomenon can be seen ​in iPhone models such as the iPhone 6, 6s, and 6s Plus. Users of these models have reported their ​iPhone slowing down even when the battery seems to be in good condition.

It Started from a Reddit Post and Led to an Independent Research

The iPhone slowing down phenomenon ​of older ​models have been experienced by so many users which led to many to talk about it on sites such as Reddit​. Many Reddit users have actually reported that their iPhone's have returned to its normal performance after an iPhone battery replacement.

​These ​posts​ which suggested that the iPhone battery might be the cause of the iPhone slowing down performance of older iPhone's​ ​led to ​one of the Reddit ​threads to go viral. The Reddit talks ​pushed the Primate Labs founder and Geekbench developer, John Poole, to conduct his own study to find out for himself what​'s really going on.

Poole and his team have compared the performance of nearly 100,000 iPhone 6s and 7 units and analyzed the units’ performance data. Apple has released a fix for the shut down bug between iOS 10.2.0 and iOS 10.2.1.

His study has found out that units performed slower after the release of the fix for the shutdown bug. This ​iPhone slowing down performance was also noticed ​on other models as well entailing a rampant problem. In fact, after the iPhone 7 was reported to experience shutdowns, Poole noted that Apple iOS updates have led to the slowing down of ​that model’s performance as well.

However, unlike the conspiracy theory, Poole thinks that Apple slowed down the system of its older units in order to avoid overloading the batteries, which were considered old or aged at the time of the release of the fix.

From the Horse’s Mouth

After the commotion caused by the Reddit post as well as the somewhat confirmation from Poole’s research, Apple ​was backed in ​a corner and ​was forced to respond.

According to the tech giant:

 “Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices. Lithium-ion batteries become less capable of supplying peak current demands when in cold conditions, have a low battery charge or as they age over time, which can result in the device unexpectedly shutting down to protect its electronic components.

Last year we released a feature for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down during these conditions. We’ve now extended that feature to iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2, and plan to add support for other products in the future.”

It can be inferred from Apple’s statement that what Poole said was true. Apparently, Apple has been addressing iPhone’s shutdown issues due to old lithium-ion batteries.

With each new iPhone model, Apple has been consistently increasing the power of its processors and its operating system. These improvements puts a strain on old lithium ion batteries leading to shutdowns to avoid internal damage to its components.

Apple’s explanation has merit when one ​considers that the battery life of a smartphone has an impact on its performance no matter how great the processor or the operating system is. In fact, it is widely accepted that the faster the processor, the more energy it demands from the battery. Does this justify your iPhone slowing down?

Tech giants like Apple and Samsung are still finding the balance between a smooth and fast processor and a reliable battery life. It seems like iPhone users have to bear the burden of ​having their iPhone slowing down.

After all, a slower iPhone performance is much easier to handle than an iPhone that spontaneously shuts down while in use. Or worse, an iPhone that burst's into flames unexpectedly.

So What Can You Do?

So far, the fix which led to the ​iPhone slowing down performance has been given to iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPhone SE last year, and iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this year.

Even though the slowed performance only affects certain models according to Apple, it will not hurt to do something to prevent it from happening to your own iPhone.

  1. Check your iPhone model first. If it is an older one like an iPhone 6, then your phone is probably slow due to the usual wear and tear on your battery. Delete unnecessary data if the storage has been used up. The latest iOS recommends some steps in order to free up your phone’s memory such as deleting old messages and media files with large sizes. If your phone is new like an iPhone 8, visit the Apple Store. It may still be covered by warranty and sometimes the performance can be a factory defect
  2. If you are planning to change the battery, ensure your phone isn't slow due to other reasons. Sometimes an old version of the iOS or applications might be causing the problem. Another thing you can do to speed up your iPhone’s performance is to turn off background app refresh, location services for individual apps, and motion effects.
  3. Refrain from exposing your iPhone to extreme temperatures. Avoid charging your device when you are in a heated place. If you can wait till you are in a cooler place, then hold off from charging your device.

​If you decide to get the battery replaced in your iPhone you can go to Apple directly or visit your local iPhone repair shop. The Austin Cell Phone has been repairing iPhone's in Austin Texas since 2012 and have repaired hundred's of iPhone's. 

For those who do not live in the Austin area you can utilize our mail in iPhone repair service to replace or battery or repair any other part on your iPhone. We have great reviews on our repair services and pride ourselves with ​our level of service.

Please leave us a comment below ​the share what you think ​about the recent news of ​the iPhone slowing down.

Starting A Cell Phone Repair Business, Learn The Basics

Think about starting a cell phone repair business? Consider this, cell phones are an integral part of everyday life. It used to be that cell phones were only used only for communication purposes. Now businesses use a ​voip phones system to connect mobiles and office based phones together so that no matter where anyone is, they can be contacted for out of office needs using a cloud system.

Ever since the boom of mobile internet and social media, cell phones are now a necessity. In fact, more and more smart phones are being sold and newer versions are being released every year. Phones are a great business to get into, as you can see, but like with any business, you need a clear plan. Top of the ​rankings business plan writers should be who you first talk to when you are thinking of opening your business so you know exactly what your goals are as a business. This way, you can deliver what your audience wants with great focus.

People go nuts with the latest releases of the big manufacturers like Samsung and Apple. But despite all the innovations put into these devices, they are still prone to breaking easily. 

According to statistics, 30% of iPhone users crack their screens every year. Whenever a person breaks her phone, a local cell phone repair shop comes to the rescue.

Do I Need A Degree To Have My Own Cell Phone Repair Business?

No, but having an electronics degree will help. Repairing cell phones is a meticulous job since you will be handling a device with micro parts. However, it is fairly easy to educate yourself with the nitty gritty of the craft. 

There are a lot of information available on the internet. You can browse through hundreds of articles detailing different aspects of the cell phone repair business that you have to know. 

In addition to written articles, there are also hundreds or maybe thousands of YouTube videos that you can watch which show you the different ways to repair a phone caused by different problems.

Read related article: Should you repair or replace a phone?

Is Starting A Cell Phone Repair Business A Good Idea?

Like we mentioned earlier, cell phones are very essential to people nowadays. Some people are very dependent on it. 

For instance, kids these days do not know how to go about their day without a cell phones. Businessmen, media men, and academicians also rely on their cell phones to finish important tasks and to stay connected. 

Getting into the cell phone repair business then is a practical choice. There are hundreds and thousands of potential clients everywhere you go. Finding these clients is not hard since you are surrounded by people who use them. 

A cell phone repair business also do not have to have a large amount of capital to start. With the right tools and the right marketing strategy, and of course, with a good knowledge of how to do repairs, your cell phone repair business will be booming in no time.

What are the Basic Tools to Start a Cell Phone Repair Business?

If you are decided on starting a cell phone repair business, then you will need some basic tools to get started. These tools do not entail shelling out a bunch of money. Some can even be found in your home. Of course, if you plan on building your business from the ground up, you will require some amount of money to do this. ​Atlantic Union Bank has many financial services available for businesses to make use of which includes loans that they can apply for and checking services. Without being properly financially prepared, a business cannot say that it is ready to withstand the challenges that come with the territory.

1. Anti Static Brush

It is important to clean the phone with a tool that will not damage it. Brushes can help you clean the parts before you proceed onto the repair itself. 

In some instances, cell phones have problems because of dirt and foreign objects stuck inside the housing. Since cell phones are electronic devices, an anti static brush is needed because normal brushes create static electricity. 

The anti static brush is very helpful especially if there is corrosion inside the phone due to water exposure.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is essential in repairing water damaged phones. When a phone has been damaged due to exposure to water. The first thing you need to do is to power the phone off and put it into a container of rice for at least 24 hours. 

This technique helps the rice absorb the water out of the device. Do it as soon as you find out that the phone has been in contact with water. 

If a client has brought in a phone which has been wet for days, then the first thing you have to do is to disassemble the phone and clean all the connections inside the phone with an anti static brush and isopropyl alcohol. 

The alcohol evaporates quickly and is non conductive which makes it a perfect solution in making sure no corrosion forms on the electronic parts of the cell phone. This technique will also help make the water dissipate fast.

3. Tweezers

Since you will be working with small parts, tweezers are a must have item in your cell phone repair kit. Enough said.

4. Suction Cup

Suction cups are useful when you are working with a screen. You will definitely need these when completing an iPhone screen repair

For the iPhone's, you can easily replace the screen with the help of suction cups. Simply let the cups stick using the suction and pull up and away the screens. Sounds easier than it really is and it is a lot harder trying to do this without suction cups. 

Therefore, you may want to invest in good quality suction cups and those that have different sizes. Suction cups are not so useful when repairing the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

5. Digitizer Separator

Digitizer separator is essential when you are replacing just the glass on a phone’s screen. Since one of the most common damage of a phone is with its screen, you may need to give a little more importance to this device. 

If you want to get a machine to separate the glass and swap a shattered one with a replacement glass, then you need to be prepare to spend at least $200 to $400. There are certain kits that you may use which has a UV glue, wire, and molds for easier swapping. If you have a substantial capital, then check out a Vacuum Screen Separator.

Bonus tip: you can swap the glass using only a heat gun, wire, and temperature gun. Although it takes more time and effort. This is useful if you need a little more time to build your capital for the cell phone repair business but you also need to start now with the repairs. You may want to look to sites like ​​​​​ to see about how you can go about getting the capital that you need.

6. Universal Smart Phone tool kit

As the name suggests, this kit has the tools needed to repair cell phones. It has tools of different sizes to fit the different components inside the phone. You can get this as a starter pack since you do not know which size of tool you may need while repairing.

A Closer Look With Our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Samsung is one of the major players in the smart phone industry and it is not hard to know why. The South Korean company has released a lot of game changing phones with impressive display and excellent performance. However, it hit a roadblock when its Note 7 started to burst into flames.

So when the Galaxy Note 8 came out it was a wonder if this newest offering from Samsung will redeem the company’s tarnished reputation.

Read on to find out more and understand why we think Samsung found the perfect solution with our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review.

Tried and Tested Battery

Before beginning it is imperative to tell you that Samsung has learned from its mistakes and have completed exhaustive tests before giving the green light for the Note 8.

According to reports, Samsung did an eight-point battery safety check on the Note’s battery. In addition to an increased number of safety testing, Samsung has also decreased the physical size of the battery to avoid repeating history.

The capacity of the battery was also decreased from 3,500mAh to 3,300mAh. Samsung also sought a certification from an independent organization to endorse the Note 8 as a safe and secure phone.

However, it is too early to tell if the Note 8 is safer than its predecessor. If you are still worried, then it is best to wait a few months after it has been released.

An Impressive Display and Cool Features

Two of the major wins of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are its marvelous screen display and two powerful cameras. The Note 8 boasts a vibrant 6.3 inch super AMOLED display and is very expensive to get this Samsung screen repaired. Thanks to the Infinity Display of the phone, users will have a wonderful experience interacting with the screen and its features.

With this impressive display, this phone can easily be the go to gadget of artists, students, and businessmen. For instance, the Galaxy Note 8 also has a feature that allows you to jot down notes even when the phone is locked.

This feature is called the Screen-off Memo that also allows you to make animated GIFs that are shareable in different social media and messaging apps.

A Kick Butt Camera That Takes AWesome Pictures

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sports dual 12MP rear cameras and one 8MP front camera. The two cameras at the back work together in order to deliver crisp photos. When you take a picture with the Note 8, the camera saves two versions of the photos: one wide-angle and one portrait.

Samsung’s portrait mode, also known as the Live Focus, should be taken when you are at least 4 feet away from the subject of the photo and the lighting has to be good. You might think that it’s too demanding for a camera but when you see the high quality photos from the Note 8, you will not hesitate to adjust accordingly to its needs.

The photos taken with the phone are vibrant and sharp thanks to Samsung’s ability to reproduce true to life colors. Aside from Live Focus, Samsung has also added new tools and filters to the camera app that will surely delight any photography lovers out there.

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An S-Pen You Might Actually Use

The S-Pen, Samsung’s stylus pen, is already loved by many users. When paired with the amazing features of the Galaxy Note 8, fans of the stylus will be delighted.

Samsung has made its stylus so compatible with the Note 8 that using it comes almost as natural as breathing. Other than writing, the S-Pen can also be used for taking shots of just portions of the screen, erasing mistakes in typing, checking out previews of images and hidden menus. The Galaxy Note 8 is a water resistant phone and Samsung has also added this capability to the S-Pen.

No Change To The Finger Scanner

Sadly, in our opinion, the Note 8 is still a few steps away from being perfect. The Galaxy Note 8 still has that inconveniently placed finger scanner at the rear part of the phone. Most users have complained that Note’s finger scanner is a hassle to use.

Unfortunately, Samsung still thinks otherwise. Given the fact that complaints regarding the scanner have been around since Note 5, one would expect Samsung to come up with something better, but it didn't.

Perhaps it's because the phone also offers the face and iris scanner, which to Samsung means users have two other options to unlock their phone and let go of the finger print scanner.

But still, we do think that in certain situations, the finger scanner is the better and faster tool to use to unlock a phone. For now, we are stuck with the bad position of the finger scanner.

The Bad: Finger Scanner and the Hefty Cost of the Phone

Aside from the finger scanner, one thing that might slow you down from running out and buying the Note 8 is the price.

Since Samsung has put a lot of effort into the display, camera, and performance of the phone, it is no wonder that they would want to recoup their costs and monetary value for their efforts.

In the United States, the Galaxy Note 8 starts out at $930. Carriers like AT&T and Verizon offers the same model for $950 and $960 respectively. Sprint also offers the Note 8 at $960 while T-Mobile tries to be competitive with $930.

Therefore, buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not a decision you should make right away. That is unless you get on a payment plan or you have an extra grand laying around. ​

Our Final Thoughts On The Note 8 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a powerfully beautiful phone that is a few notches away from perfection. If you are in the market to buy a new phone, then we encourage you to know your priorities and needs first before purchasing. You may even want to sell your old phone to raise some cash for the new one.

There are a lot of good phones from other brands that are not as pricey. So before spending almost a $1000, ensure that what you are getting is something that you will put to good use every day.

September 30, 2017

The iPhone 8 or iPhone X, Which One Should You Get?

For 2017, Apple has decided to launch three iPhones. There are two similar looking iPhone's and one premium, re-designed iPhone X. If you are thinking of buying one of these new iPhone's, you will be confronted with a mind-boggling question: the iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

These three iPhone's are built to attract different types of consumers who value different things in an iPhone. Read on to learn the differences between the 2 iPhone's so that you can decide which one is right for you.

iPhone 8 Price Is for those on A budget

Starting off with the price, your budget is one of the major factors in determining which iPhone is right for you.

For the iPhone 8, the price starts at $699 while the iPhone 8 Plus starts $799. This is still a considerable amount of money to pay but certainly less than the iPhone X which starts out at $999.

These prices, however, are before additional charges like taxes, Apple Care or if you want to get one with more storage. The starting price alone is a determining factor on getting the iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

iPhone 8 is Easier to handle but iPhone X Has A Bigger Screen

Aside from the price, the size of the iPhone also matters. The iPhone 8 is a more comfortable choice if you are looking for an easy to handle phone. The size of the iPhone 8 screen is 4.7" while the 8 Plus is 5.5". This is what you are familiar with on the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus so the iPhone screen repairs on the 8 shouldn't be too expensive.

However, the iPhone X is physically sized between the two iPhone's but with its bezel-less design, its screen is larger than the iPhone 8 Plus by .3 inches.

Apple has upgraded its screen resolutions for the three new iPhones by adding True Tone Technology making the iPhone adjust with the lighting conditions. However, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus still have the HD Retina displays just like the older versions.

If you desire an iPhone with a premium display, then you should go for the iPhone X which has a Super Retina display and more pixels per inch. The iPhone X also has OLED and HDR technology, which is a first for Apple. These new technologies give the iPhone X a deeper, richer color and true to life images.

The iPhone 8 or iPhone X camera, Which Is the Better choice?

For some, the camera is a very important feature in their iPhone. If you are one of these people, then the iPhone 8 Plus or the X is the better choice. These 2 iPhone's have dual camera lens which helps in zooming and gives DSLR-like images.

Both iPhone's also have a Portrait lighting feature. This setting gives a studio-like lighting effect which helps the shots look better. Fortunately, the Portrait Mode is available on the iPhone X front camera.

Aside from that, both lenses of the iPhone X have faster aperture and optical image stabilization.

There Is NO Home Button On The iPhone X

The biggest and most noticeable change Apple did to the iPhone X was removing the physical home button. The home button has been a prominent identifier of the iPhones for a long time.

It is a little weird seeing an iPhone without a home button but Apple has a way around that. With the iPhone X, maneuvering through the iPhone is done by gestures. Which may turn you off a little by having to learn a new way to navigate your iPhone.

Therefore, if you are not ready to let go of the physical home button yet, then you should opt to get the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus which still has the traditional build, design & navigation.

Your Face is Now Your iPhone Unlock

With the disappearance of the physical Home button, Apple has also did away with the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone X. The premium iPhone X can now be unlocked with a thing called Face ID. Authenticating payments and users, which used to be the function of Touch ID, is now part of Face ID’s functionality.

According to Apple, the Face ID is more secure than the Touch ID. This is the first time that Apple has used facial recognition technology as part of its security features. According to the tech company, its own version of the technology is more secure than others given the fact that it uses a 3D scanner. Which means that the Face ID cannot be tricked by merely using a photo.

However, while Face ID might be safer, there is still a debate on whether it is convenient. If you are not yet sure whether you will be comfortable with the Face ID technology, then the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus should be your choice since both of those iPhone's still use the Touch ID feature.

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Gamers Are Going To Love These iPhone's

All 3 iPhone's launched this year are equipped with Apple’s augmented reality function. This gives the user a more exciting gameplay and life-like experience with interactive apps. For this feature it does not matter if you go with the iPhone 8 or iPhone X since both will have them.

If you REALLY love this type of technology, then go with the iPhone X. Aside from its augmented reality capability, this iPhone's front camera has TrueDepth technology which lets the camera do facial mapping. This means that you can now make a Snapchat filter of yourself or even an Animoji of your face.

Know your needs With The iPhone 8 or iPhone x

If you are coming from an iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 might not offer you a substantially different experience than if you went for the iPhone X. But if you are coming from an iPhone 6 then the iPhone 8 can definitely bring you something fresh.

At the end of the day, choosing the right iPhone for you means you have to know your wants and needs and which of these is negotiable. ​Buying any of these three iPhone's will put you back a significant amount of money, so make sure that the iPhone you choose will be something that suits your lifestyle and personal preferences and try to find yourself a cheap plan to go alongside it - ​ATT Bundles offer great deals with unlimited talk, text & data, so you might want to start by checking them out.

You can also save big by not buying one of these "new" iPhone's and consider buying a used iPhone, unless you plan on getting the iPhone X.

Everything On The iPhone 8 Rumors & The September 12 Release Date

For those who do not know, 2017 is a big year for the manufacturing giant, Apple. The tech company will is celebrating its 10th year anniversary of the iPhone. People are excited for what is in store for this year’s release of the much-anticipated iPhone 8.

With only a few weeks to go before the big launch of the latest device, there are many rumors already circulating about it including one leak from Apple itself.

The Hardware: Living from Edge to Edge

Unlike its predecessors, the iPhone 8 is said to have a radical design with a display from edge to edge. It has been said that Apple will do away with the physical Home button and the only bezel that will be left is a small area dedicated for a front-facing camera.

Apple confirmed that it is working on a facial recognition technology so expect that the Touch ID may be eliminated in favor of the former. Because of its edge to edge design, the device may have a size similar to the of the 4.7 inch iPhone but with a display area same as the 5.5 inch one. However, there are also rumors suggesting that the display area will be 5.8 inches with 5.15 inches of usable space.

Since there is a huge possibility that the physical Home button will be eliminated, gestures might be used to navigate the phone. The display screen is said to be made of flexible plastic OLED rather than the usual LCD. This switch will help Apple come up with a thinner device with less power consumption but shows off a better display with higher contrast ratio and more true to life colors.

Let's hope that the new display is more durable than all of the previous models combined. Replacing the iPhone 8 screen will set you back $109. You can walk into our cell phone repair store in Austin Texas or use our iPhone mail in repair service that works for anyone in the USA.

Still, it is better to invest in a good case and tempered glass screen protector to avoid the costly repair.

Will Apple Go With An All Glass Body?

For the body, the iPhone 8 may veer away from the aluminum. Unlike its immediate predecessors, the latest device might be sporting a glass body similar to its great great grandparent, the iPhone 4.

The glass is said to be built around a polished frame of stainless steel just like the Apple Watch. It is also expected to be water resistant and hold up rain, splashes, and brief submersion in water. The water-resistant feature has also been confirmed by Apple’s supplier and such feature may extend to all iPhone models moving forward.

Inside its body, the iPhone 8 is expected to sport a 10-nanometer A11 chip which will help it be faster and more efficient. New technologies like wireless charging and facial recognition can also be expected. For higher-end models, optical image stabilization may be expected for both front and rear cameras.

The camera will also include 3D sensing capabilities that will allow it to locate and find the depth of objects in front of it. Such 3D capability will also help in its facial recognition features.

The Software & The A11 Chip

For this year, Apple will be sticking with its A11 chip for all iPhone models. The production for the newest chip began in May 2017. The chip is expected to give the users a faster and more power efficient performance compared to the present A10 chip.

The A11 can also lead to a better battery life that will surely be music to the ears of most users. The RAM of the iPhone 8 is similar to that of the iPhone 7 Plus, a 3GB one. The DRAM transfer speed of the latest models is expected to be 10-15 percent faster than the iPhone 7.

So What’s The Price to Pay?

Rumors have been circulating that the iPhone 8 will be the most expensive phone from Apple. The new OLED display, wireless charging, bio-metric features and improved camera performance have been pointed out as the causes for the price increase.

Some have priced the iPhone 8 at around $1,000 while others believed it will go beyond that. However, there are also rumors that lower-end models will be released for those who do not want to spend such a big amount of money on a new phone.