A Closer Look With Our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Samsung is one of the major players in the smart phone industry and it is not hard to know why. The South Korean company has released a lot of game changing phones with impressive display and excellent performance. However, it hit a roadblock when its Note 7 started to burst into flames.

So when the Galaxy Note 8 came out it was a wonder if this newest offering from Samsung will redeem the company’s tarnished reputation.

Read on to find out more and understand why we think Samsung found the perfect solution with our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review.

Tried and Tested Battery

Before beginning it is imperative to tell you that Samsung has learned from its mistakes and have completed exhaustive tests before giving the green light for the Note 8.

According to reports, Samsung did an eight-point battery safety check on the Note’s battery. In addition to an increased number of safety testing, Samsung has also decreased the physical size of the battery to avoid repeating history.

The capacity of the battery was also decreased from 3,500mAh to 3,300mAh. Samsung also sought a certification from an independent organization to endorse the Note 8 as a safe and secure phone.

However, it is too early to tell if the Note 8 is safer than its predecessor. If you are still worried, then it is best to wait a few months after it has been released.

An Impressive Display and Cool Features

Two of the major wins of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are its marvelous screen display and two powerful cameras. The Note 8 boasts a vibrant 6.3 inch super AMOLED display and is very expensive to get this Samsung screen repaired. Thanks to the Infinity Display of the phone, users will have a wonderful experience interacting with the screen and its features.

With this impressive display, this phone can easily be the go to gadget of artists, students, and businessmen. For instance, the Galaxy Note 8 also has a feature that allows you to jot down notes even when the phone is locked.

This feature is called the Screen-off Memo that also allows you to make animated GIFs that are shareable in different social media and messaging apps.

A Kick Butt Camera That Takes AWesome Pictures

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sports dual 12MP rear cameras and one 8MP front camera. The two cameras at the back work together in order to deliver crisp photos. When you take a picture with the Note 8, the camera saves two versions of the photos: one wide-angle and one portrait.

Samsung’s portrait mode, also known as the Live Focus, should be taken when you are at least 4 feet away from the subject of the photo and the lighting has to be good. You might think that it’s too demanding for a camera but when you see the high quality photos from the Note 8, you will not hesitate to adjust accordingly to its needs.

The photos taken with the phone are vibrant and sharp thanks to Samsung’s ability to reproduce true to life colors. Aside from Live Focus, Samsung has also added new tools and filters to the camera app that will surely delight any photography lovers out there.

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An S-Pen You Might Actually Use

The S-Pen, Samsung’s stylus pen, is already loved by many users. When paired with the amazing features of the Galaxy Note 8, fans of the stylus will be delighted.

Samsung has made its stylus so compatible with the Note 8 that using it comes almost as natural as breathing. Other than writing, the S-Pen can also be used for taking shots of just portions of the screen, erasing mistakes in typing, checking out previews of images and hidden menus. The Galaxy Note 8 is a water resistant phone and Samsung has also added this capability to the S-Pen.

No Change To The Finger Scanner

Sadly, in our opinion, the Note 8 is still a few steps away from being perfect. The Galaxy Note 8 still has that inconveniently placed finger scanner at the rear part of the phone. Most users have complained that Note’s finger scanner is a hassle to use.

Unfortunately, Samsung still thinks otherwise. Given the fact that complaints regarding the scanner have been around since Note 5, one would expect Samsung to come up with something better, but it didn't.

Perhaps it's because the phone also offers the face and iris scanner, which to Samsung means users have two other options to unlock their phone and let go of the finger print scanner.

But still, we do think that in certain situations, the finger scanner is the better and faster tool to use to unlock a phone. For now, we are stuck with the bad position of the finger scanner.

The Bad: Finger Scanner and the Hefty Cost of the Phone

Aside from the finger scanner, one thing that might slow you down from running out and buying the Note 8 is the price.

Since Samsung has put a lot of effort into the display, camera, and performance of the phone, it is no wonder that they would want to recoup their costs and monetary value for their efforts.

In the United States, the Galaxy Note 8 starts out at $930. Carriers like AT&T and Verizon offers the same model for $950 and $960 respectively. Sprint also offers the Note 8 at $960 while T-Mobile tries to be competitive with $930.

Therefore, buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not a decision you should make right away. That is unless you get on a payment plan or you have an extra grand laying around. ​

Our Final Thoughts On The Note 8 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a powerfully beautiful phone that is a few notches away from perfection. If you are in the market to buy a new phone, then we encourage you to know your priorities and needs first before purchasing. You may even want to sell your old phone to raise some cash for the new one.

There are a lot of good phones from other brands that are not as pricey. So before spending almost a $1000, ensure that what you are getting is something that you will put to good use every day.

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