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You have ​discovered one of the ​best places in Austin ​where you can get some real help with your ​smartphone or tablet. Our ​mission is to ​offer solutions to your problem in the quickest and ​least expensive way ​without sacrificing quality or service.

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So, What Can You Do @ The Austin Cell Phone?

There is very little ​we cannot help with ​when it comes to ​smartphones & tablets. The ​most common thing we ​provide to out awesome customers is our highly rated repair services ​for ​smartphones, tablets and laptop screens.

Like most cell phone repair shops we specialize in iPhone repair & iPad repair​. However, ​also specialize in Samsung Galaxy repair ​as well as many other smartphones including LG, HTC, Motorola ​& ​much more.

Our Address:

7801 North Lamar Blvd
Suite B166
Austin Texas 78752

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Our Hours:

Monday​ - 10:30-7
Tuesday​ - 10:30-7
Wednesday - 10:30-7
Thursday - 10:30-7
Friday -​ 10:30-7
Saturday -​       12-5
Sunday - Closed

​Aside from our repair services, you can also buy a used or refurbished ​smartphone. We have cell phones available for ​all the major carriers that are ready to activate​ today. ​You can also find basic flip phones for sale too. ​Your business with us includes our help ​to get it activated so that you walk out with a working phone. Imagine the time saved by not having to take a trip to another store. ​This service is completely optional ​& ​will not cost you anything extra.

​Need to sell your iPhone, tablet, iPad, laptop ​or any other electronics​? You can do that here too. For the really old stuff there is no buy back value. However, we ​will make sure it gets recycled responsibly.

​Lastly, you can get your iPhone unlocked and other smartphones too. These unlocks will not removes an iCloud lock on an iPhone. Only Apple, or the original owner can do that. However, ​for some Android smartphones ​we can bypass the Google account.

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As mentioned ​above, we will always suggest the best ​solution ​that ​serves your need. We will never ​mislead, over charge or suggest ​a more expensive option just to make ​a few extra ​bucks. We believe ​in ​providing superior service along with our ​experienced skill​. Once you experience The Austin Cell Phone difference, you will be back to business with us.

​Give us a call or stop on by. We love ​helping ​our customers, answer any questions you have and make new friends. Sometimes things can get a little confusing and we are here to educate so you can make an informed decision. ​

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