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This Is Why You Should Sell Your Phone Online Over Locally

Sell Your Phone Online
Sell Your Phone Online

Selling your phone is something that many, many people consider doing but they don’t actually take that leap. Instead, they put their phone in a junk drawer or back in the box in their closet and just let it collect dust. The truth is that you could be throwing hundreds of dollars away – and every day you let it sit, the less money you get.

Why You Should Sell Your old Phone now

If you are thinking about selling your phone online you may be wondering if this is even legit. Surprisingly, this is the most popular way to sell your phone due to the abundant amount of old phones available. Since smartphones upgrade on almost a yearly basis, you have the desire to get the new one. However, you just paid hundreds of dollars for your current phone, so you don’t want to just let it go.

Sell Your Phone For Cash

Selling your old phone is your best choice. It will help pay for that new one you want so bad. Additionally, it will give you some return on your smartphone investments and even help you to clear up some of that clutter in your home.

If you recently upgraded or you have some old phone lying around you should consider selling that old phone today. The price of the newer smartphones are going up and even require a payment plan to buy. The opposite is true for last years model. As soon as the new model is introduced the value of last years model drops like a rock. The longer you hold onto it the less it will be worth.

Sometimes you have have a damaged phone that still works. There is still some value in those too however the buyback amount will be much less than if it were not damaged. It may make sense to consider getting your cell phone repaired first then sell it. Get a buy back quote for how much you can get with the phone damaged and if it were not damaged to get an idea first.

How to Price Your Phone to Sell Your Phone Online

Many people try to sell their phones in different ways, to varied levels of success. You are greeted with many options when you do a Google search for ideas how to sell your phone. Let’s break some of them down:

Sell it to a friend: This is probably the easiest way to sell your phone. You don’t have to worry about meeting a stranger in a dark parking lot. However, you do have to worry about what happens if something goes wrong with your phone. If you didn’t know that the phone was still linked to your account or that the is not compatible with their service, you cause a rift within your friendships.

Sell it on Craiglist: This is another option, but there are problems here as well. Selling something on Craigslist or another classified site will take a lot of time for you, especially because you have to meet someone. It isn’t always safe to have a stranger come to your house or to meet them is a parking lot. It is also hard to find someone on Criagslsit who are serious buyers.

Sell it on eBay: Selling your phone online on eBay is a better option. You can sell your phone there and mail it away, taking only a few moments to go to the Post Office. There are costs associated with the sale on eBay and to PayPal which will reduce your final sale amount. Additionally, buyers on eBay can be picky and can return the item for almost any reason resulting in a full refund and return shipping paid by the seller.

Recycled Cellular

Buy back website: While you might earn less by selling your phone to a buy back company like Recycled Cellular, you will save time and the headache. All of the work and risks associated with selling it yourself are eliminated with Recycled Cellular. Also there is no additional cost to you as the seller and no worry about the sale coming back for a refund.

If you are located in Austin you can walk into our store to sell your phone in Austin and get paid the same day. Otherwise you can visit our buy back site Recycled Cellular where the whole process is handled online and through the mail.

Sell your phone online or locally to get paid fast

Selling your phone to a recycling company is the best route to go for many people. The process is simple and easy, getting you a fair buy back rate and the peace of mind that your time, energy and safety is saved.

When selling your phone online @ Recycled Cellular all you have to do is log onto the website and select what type of phone you have. Take into consideration the cosmetic condition of the phone.

Then you get a buy back quote that will tell you how much money you can get from your phone. It’s that simple! If you decide to accept our offer, then you can fill out the information sheet, and you will get a free shipping kit. You do have to take it to the post office or in your mailbox to ship it, but the payment comes fast through PayPal or via check.

At the end of the day, going through a buy back site line Recycle Cellular carrier will make it easier than ever for you to sell your iPhone. You don’t have to wait around for someone to buy it – because with phones, time is money. The longer you wait, the less you’ll get for it.

Need To Sell Your iPhone 5C For Quick Cash? Start Here

Sell iPhone 5C For Cash
Sell iPhone 5C For Cash

The number of iPhone's left to sit and collect dust over the last decade or so is astonishing. Every time we upgrade to the newest model or move onto a bigger version of our phones. We just put our old phones in the drawer and leave them there. Every few years when our “junk drawers” are cleaned out, we tend to find them. We either a) throw them away dangerously or b) put them back where they came from. The process is then repeated a few months later. Many people may wonder, “Can I sell iPhone 5c for cash?” or “What is my iPhone 5C worth?”

This circle only adds to the clutter in your home. It also takes away a good chance you have to make money. The older the iPhone is the less it is worth. It is best to Sell iPhone 5C for cash now and get the most while you can.

How Much Can I Sell My iPhone 5c For?

One of the primary questions that someone who wants to sell their iPhone has is “How much can I sell my iPhone 5c for cash?” The answer to that question isn’t always simple. In fact, at times it can be quite confusing. How much you get for your iPhone is determined by a buyback location. These locations will pay different amounts depending on the condition of your phone, the model or if you’ve had any repairs.

Most places will allow you to sell your Apple iPhone 5c for a nice little price. Whomever you sell your iPhone 5c to will should tell you how much you can get. The buyback rate changes on a daily basis for the better or for the worse.

The price will also depend on your phone’s size and capabilities. Someone with an iPhone 5c 16GB won’t get as much as someone with a higher GB phone. However they will get more than someone with a smaller GB phone.

At the time of this article you can expect to get anywhere between $5 - $60 for an iPhone 5C @ Recycled Cellular. The amount will vary depending on the GB amount, cosmetic condition and what carrier the iPhone is for. Prices are updated frequently and may change.​

Sell iPhone 5C Online
Sell iPhone 5C Austin

Where Can I Sell iPhone 5c for Cash?

When you sell iPhone 5c for cash, you do have to do a little bit of research as to when and where you make the sale. You should make sure that you will get the best price for your phone. Of course, you should also have to make sure that the company has a good reputation.

Recycled Cellular is one of those reputable sources. They will buy your iPhone 5c whether it is brand new, slightly used, or broken. There are some limitations when the iPhone is damaged so check with them first before sending in your iPhone. You may want to get your iPhone repaired to increase the amount you will be paid.

This is how simple it is to Sell iPhone 5C For cash. Chose the model of your phone. Select the condition of your phone. Fill out your shipping information, and Recycle Cellular will send you a prepaid shipping kit. It takes a few days and a minimal amount of effort. It is that easy to sell iPhone 5C for cash.

When time comes to selling your iPhone 5c for cash locally, there are some things to consider. You might see people on Craigslist or Facebook that say they will buy the phone from you. However, there have been a lot of stories in the news about people getting robbed when selling their valuables locally on classified sites.

Considerations When Selling iPhone 5C

Your data is also important. In the wrong hands, your phone can reveal a lot of information about you. Information such ads your credit card numbers to your home address. If you are not sure how to restore your iPhone read our article on How To Reset Your iPhone. At Recycled Cellular they protect you information by making sure all data is removed.

At the end of the day, selling your iPhone 5c can be quick & simple with a buy back service like Recycled Cellular. Do your research when you sell iPhone yourself. You will see that the simplicity of the process will outweigh the extra cash when you Sell iPhone 5C for cash yourself.

How To Reset Your iPhone 4S Back To Factory Settings

How To Reset iPhone 4S To Factory
Reset iPhone 4S

You may have an iPhone that is too overloaded with things and it needs to be cleared out. Or, you may be trying to Sell Your iPhone for some cash. Whatever the reason, knowing how to reset iPhone 4S to factory is a critical step to keep your information secure.

It is important to note that you must know the iCloud account email & password for the methods described below.

There are two different ways to reset iPhone 4S, each one with pros and cons:

Reset iPhone 4S Within The Settings

To use the software to reset iPhone 4S is the easiest way for most people to go about resetting their phones. It is simplistic, fairly quick, and works extremely well.

Step 1: Prepare iPhone 4S for Factory Reset

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB. Then you can click on the gray “Back Up Now” button on the “Summary” tab on iTunes. Once you back up your phone, you won’t lose your contacts, photos, apps, settings, and other key elements when you restore it again.

Step 2: Go to Reset Menu

Tap on the settings icon on your phone (it looks like a gear). Go to general and then tap “Reset” all the way at the bottom of that page.

Step 3: Reset Your Phone

Tap on the “Erase All Content and Settings” option near the top. Then you will have to hit a red “Erase iPhone” option that pops up in a dialogue box.

Step 4: Ensure Restoration

Once you think the process has been completed, check to make sure that your phone has been restored. It should take you a while and you’ll have to go through the process of bringing the phone back. If it was done correctly, you should be able to restore it or let it go as a factor standard.

You will be able to set up a new account if you wish.

iPhone Repair Austin
iPad Screen Repair Austin
Used Cell Phones Austin
Sell iPhone Austin

How To Reset iPhone 4S With iTunes

Another method is to use an iTunes account to reset your phone to factory settings.

Step 1: Prepare Your iPhone 4S for Restoration

Click on the iTunes menu that should be located on the left side of your iTunes toolbar. You should select “Check for Updates” from the resulting menu in order to ensure you have the latest version of iTunes. If you don’t, you will have to install that latest version.

From there, connect your phone to your computer using the USB cord. Click the “Back up Now” button when viewing the summary tab.

If you do this, you will be able to restore the latest version of your account to another phone or the same phone later on.

You will want to disable the “Find My iPhone” feature too when you reset. You can do this by toggling the slider in the “Find My iPhone” section of the iCloud preferences.

Step 2: Restore

Once you have a backup file, you can click on the “Restore iPhone” button when you look at the Summary tab. After that, you can click “Restore” if that is what you want to do.

Step 3: Ensure You Got the Result You Wanted

Once you have completed this process, you will have to wait a few minutes for everything to take effect. If you finish everything correctly, you’ll see the iOS startup assistant which will bring you a “Hello” screen. From there, you can start the process all over again to get a new phone.

As long as you are backed up to with iTunes or iCloud, when you reset iPhone 4S to factory you are just removing the data off the iPhone only. You’ll be able to get everything back quickly simply by syncing the iPhone up with either iTunes or iCloud. Now, when you reset iPhone 4S to factory standards, you won’t find anything on there that you don’t want someone to find out – like your credit card numbers, old text messages, or pictures.

When You Should Reset iPhone 4S

Selling your iPhone or giving it away - Whenever you hand your iPhone over to anyone, your data is at risk. This is why it is crucial to reset iPhone 4S, or any other iPhone model, before you Sell iPhone or give it away. The new owner will not have access to your pictures, emails, contacts or messages after resetting the iPhone.

Getting your iPhone repaired or serviced - As mentioned previously, whenever your iPhone is not in your possession your data is at risk. This includes sending in your iPhone for service or getting it repaired. Simply back up your data to iTunes before you reset iPhone 4S, reset the iPhone then proceed with the service or repair. After the service or repair is complete you can restore all of your data back the iPhone as it was before. 

There are many place to sell your iPhone or get it repaired. You can log onto Recycled Cellular to sell iPhone 4S and get paid more than other buy back sites. If you are located in or around Austin you can get your iPhone repair Austin with The Austin Cell Phone.

September 7, 2015

How To Remove iCloud Lock On Your iPhone, A Quick & Simple Guide

iPhone iCloud

Apple has come a log way to provide a layer of security for their iPhone users. There is a huge market out there for stolen iPhone’s and Apple is aware. To curb this dilemma Apple introduced the Find My iPhone feature. This feature can remotely lock your device and even track it when it is lost. The only problem is that when you try Selling iPhone 5S you may inadvertently lock up the iPhone you are selling. In this article I will discuss How To Remove iCloud Lock before you Sell Your iPhone.

How To Remove iCloud Lock The Easy Way

The easiest way on How to Remove iCloud Lock is on the iPhone itself. Before you plan to Sell My iPhone 5S you can go directly to the iCloud settings on the iPhone and delete it. Here is step by step directions:

  1. Open your settings
  2. Scroll down and select iCloud
  3. Scroll down and select Delete Account
  4. Confirm that you want to delete the iCloud from the iPhone
  5. Enter your password for the iCloud account

You will need to be connected to either WiFi or a cellular network. The iPhone will communicate with Apple’s servers to notify them that you are removing the iCloud account from that iPhone only. After this you are free to give to a friend, donate or Sell iPhone without locking it up. It is also important to note that you are not required to remove your iCloud when getting your iPad screen repaired since you will still be using the iPad.

How To Remove iCloud Lock

How To Remove iCloud Lock

How To Remove iCloud Lock, Remove All Your Information & Reset The iPhone

For this method you will also need to be connected to WiFi or a cellular network. How To Remove iCloud Lock and factory reset your device is the ideal choice when you Sell My iPhone. This will remove the iCloud lock. This will also erase all your information that was on the iPhone. Here is a step by step guide on How To Remove iCloud Lock & erase your information:

  1. Open your settings menu
  2. Select General
  3. Select Reset
  4. Select Erase All Content And Settings
  5. Confirm by selecting Erase iPhone
  6. Enter your lock code if you have one set up
  7. Enter your iCloud account password

After entering your iCloud password, the iPhone will go through the reset process. The reset process should only last about 3 minutes. After the reset is complete the Apple iPhone will reboot and turn on at the activation screen. From here your iPhone is now free for anyone to use.

Please leave us any comments you have below on How To Remove iCloud Lock. Be sure to check our blog for more tips and tricks on iPhone’s & smart phones.

Sell Broken iPhone, Tips & Ideas On How To Get The Most Money

Sell Broken iPhone

Accidents happen when least expected. For example, you may accidentally drop your iPhone or due to an unforeseen circumstances, the iPhone may suddenly stopped functioning. You may probably think that there’s no way of fixing your broken iPhone but that’s where you are wrong. Here’s how to fix and how to Sell Broken iPhone to earn some money back from it:

What You Need To Know On How To Sell Broken iPhone

May people may think that once their iPhone breaks, it’s pretty much useless, and needs to be tossed in the trash. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dead battery, a broken button or a shattered screen, you have options. There are many ways on how one can Sell Broken iPhone, and earn some extra money that can be utilized to buy a new one.

Sell Broken iPhone

Sell Broken iPhone

1. Get the iPhone Repaired First
It is possible to have your broken iPhone repaired first and resell it at a higher amount. There are many parts available for the Apple iPhone and there are a ton of repair shops. If you are in Austin Texas you can check with The Austin Cell Phone for fast and affordable iPhone Repair Austin. You can also do a Google search for a local shop or find a online mail in repair service.

2. Your iPhone May Be Under Warranty
There are many things that Apple warranties on their devices. You must first check to see if your iPhone is still under warranty buy using the Apple Warranty Look Up tool on their site. You will have to enter your iPhone’s hardware serial number to check for the warranty status. From there you can set an appointment and get your iPhone repaired or replaced by Apple. You can Sell Broken iPhone for a higher amount or continue using it.

3. Do It Yourself Repairs
Today, there are various easy phone repair hacks which you can do by yourself even if you don’t have the technical know how. You do not have to Sell Broken iPhone when you can have it repaired. For instance, on iPhone 4s and 4, it’s possible for one to replace rear panel with ease if it’s damaged. There are also other repairs that the technology inclined personal can attempt. It is worth noting that doing the repair yourself makes it possible to damage the iPhone further and we recommend using a repair service that guarantees their work. If you are confident you can do it and accept the risk there are various step by step YouTube videos.

Repair Broken iPhone

Repair Broken iPhone

4. Consider Checking Out An iPhone Buy Back Site
Contrary to the popular belief, you can Sell Broken iPhone to buy back sites that accept devices that aren’t in their full working condition. For example, is one great place to Sell your iPhone even if the device is broken, but you shouldn’t expect a lot of money from it. They also make it very convenient by allowing you to send in your iPhone for free and then receive your cash payment fast.

5. Consider Selling The Broken iPhone on eBay or Craigslist
If you want to reach a lot of audience who are willing to buy a broken iPhone, eBay or Craigslist could be promising outlets. There are extra costs and risks associated with these sites and you should do your research if you are considering these sites before you Sell Broken iPhone.

Perform an iPhone Factory Reset: Before selling a damaged, broken or perfectly fine iPhone, it’s important you restore the device to factory settings to erase your information and remove your iCloud account.. In order to erase all data and then restore all the settings, simply open up Settings app, and go to ‘General’ then Reset. You will need to enter your iCloud password, and then the final step will be confirming that reset. If done correctly, you will see iOS Setup assistant on startup.