The 5 Best Websites To Sell Stuff Locally or Worldwide

Selling has become a faster transaction with the ​popularity of websites and social media. ​There are tons of websites ​popping up​ that​ help​s sellers connect with buyers. ​Additionally, there are ​many Instagram pages and Facebook Groups ​that are centered around selling or trading​. Those wanting to use their Instagram account to advertise the things they have for sale may benefit from having a larger audience to display their products to. Using a growth service (like this -​) could help these people build their following and reach out to more people on the platform. These websites to sell stuff locally or online make it easy and convenient.

​If you have something that you want to sell, but you are still not sure which ​way to go, then this article is for you. ​Discussed below are ​the top five ​websites to sell stuff locally or online that are trustworthy and best in ​connecting buyers and sellers.



Amazon may ​be the most ​popular website ​on this list and there is a reason why. Amazon is a great place to sell your stuff​ new or used​. This is because your stuff will be listed on an already established listing. If your item is used, it will be listed along with the new ones. ​This gives your ​item for sale ​a ton of exposed to everyone already looking at that product on Amazon. ​To ensure the best chance of exposure too, it might be worth looking to ​use an Amazon listing optimization service that can help give you the best chance of selling on Amazon.

Having your ​items sold in Amazon is also fairly easy. You just need to list your item against an already listed product and then ship it ​when it sells. You need do not need to sign up for Amazon’s fulfillment program ​to be ​successful on Amazon. You could, however, take a look at the nine university if you wanted to improve your selling skills.

​​Another option to sell your stuff ​on Amazon​ is through their direct buy-back program. Under this program, you can sell your stuff directly to Amazon​. They will buy it from you​ and then ​sell it on Amazon under the free shipping ​fulfillment program. There, you can send the products you have to them for free.



eBay ​is one of the original websites ​created for buying and selling​ ​stuff on​line. Despite the rise of other online selling websites​, eBay offers better protection for their sellers and buyers. The fees are competitive​ and remains one of the "go-to" ​online sites for buying and selling.

​One advantage of eBay is its global reach ​which offers a wider market to sell your stuff beyond just locally. eBay started off with an auction model but has recently gained popularity with normal ​product listings​. eBay also has different ​methods of payment which both the buyer and the seller can take advantage of. You can even offer the ability for local buyers ​to ​pick up the item instead of shipping.



When selling online, there are ​tons of risks ​the seller ​assumes: bogus buyers, robbers, and fraudulent people. If you are worried about safety, then a good ​website to sell stuff locally is OfferUp.

​This website​ uses a system​ known as TruYou​. ​This requires ​buyers and sellers ​to verify their identity before ​being able to use ​its ​services. The TruYou system ​allows the user to ​review their ID which helps ​OfferUp ​to determine if their identity is true or not. Sellers without verified identities can still put their items up for sale but they ​are classified ​as unverified ​while verified sellers’ items are highlighted in blue.

The TruYou system is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Aside from the verification, OfferUp also has a rating system which lets users know what other people who have already dealt with the seller know how it went.

​Selling is very easy to do with OfferUp. With its app, take a picture of the item you want to sell. Input in the details the buyer needs to know and upload it. Voila! Your item is up for sale.

​ is built for garage sales. ​Simply enter your location in the search ​and ​you'll get results ​that ​lists all ​of the garage sales going on in ​your area​. These garage sales are marked with a red flag which you can click on to​ get the details of the garage sale. Details will include things like the time​ and ​location​ among other things.

When you find the garage sale you want to check out, click on the “View Route & Directions” to ​navigate to the place. If you are looking for a specific product​ then you can just browse the listings or look through the photos of all the different individual products​.

​You can also narrow your search with filters​ which enable you to identify the location​ or time​. You can also use keywords ​to filter through the hundreds of listings shown. A convenient way to keep tabs of all the garage sales happening is to add them to your​ favorites list by ​clicking the favorite button found ​on the garage sale page.



Just by its name, you ​could have guessed that this website to sell stuff locally is related to clothes. Clothes is ​one of the most saleable items online but ​usually applies to new clothes only. Used ​clothes are looked ​at with caution ​as buyer ​often wonder where the clothes have been or ​the true condition of the clothes ​versus the description of the seller.

This is where ThredUp comes in. The website has established a strict set of standards for the clothes ​listed online. The seller’s clothes ​have to go through ​a strict review policy and earn the approval of a team of fashion experts of the website. ThredUp’s inventory is composed of used clothes that people send to the website in order to have it sold. With the standards set by the website, buyers are assured ​the ​condition and quality of the clothes​.

Aside from clothes, ThredUp also offers used shoes, purses, and handbags to interested buyers. With a little digging in the website, buyers are sure to find treasures such as designer bags, clothes, or shoes at discounted prices. Buyers are confident when buying on ThredUp because they guarantee that whatever they see on the website has been physically examined by ThredUp’s team of experts. Selling on ThredUp is easy and without the risk of hesitant or bogus buyers.

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