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Having a cracked iPhone 4S screen isn’t fun. Depending on how much it is cracked, you might not be able to do things that you would normally do. For some people, even texting or opening your phone could result in pain as small shards of glass could get into your fingers.

For so long, shattering your phone’s screen meant that you needed to either live with the cracks or buy a whole new phone. However, those are no longer the only options. Instead, you do have the choice of getting an iPhone 4S screen replacement.

How to Fix an iPhone 4S Screen

Having your iPhone 4S screen replacement is a lot easier than most people expect. Even though the phone is complicated, the fix is manageable. You’ll need the following parts to make the fix: new screen, pentalobe screwdriver, standard #000 Phillips screwdriver, nylon spudger, guitar pick, suction cups. It is critical that you buy high quality tools so that you don’t do anymore damage to the inside or outside of your phone. All of these parts are available on Amazon.

Once you have secured all of your tools, there are many options online to help you complete the task. You’ll find plenty of videos on YouTube that show you how to do it step by step. Our suggestion is to watch the videos a few times before you even start doing it by yourself. Even better, you should watch a few different videos to see if you can find different ways to fix it. Some ways might be easier and some might be smarter depending on your screen and skill level.

Check out this great video on how to do an iPhone 4S screen replacement .

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iPhone 4S Screen Replacement Cost

Cost for iPhone 4s Screen Replacement

The cost of an iPhone 4s screen replacement will vary depending on the individual. If you already have some of the tools needed to do the replacement yourself, then your costs will be much lower than someone who needs to purchase everything.

The cost of a new screen is around $20, though you can find screens for much more and much less. The truth of the matter is that around $20 should be your goal if you plan on doing it yourself. Anything less and you are just asking for your screen to break again. Anything more, and you are probably overpaying or buying something you don’t need.

If you prefer not to attempt the repair yourself, you can take it into a cell phone repair shop. There you will pay for the iPhone 4S screen replacement part as well as the labor. Depending where you live and the quality of work from the store, you will should pay around $50. At the time of this article The Austin Cell Phone charges $49 for an iPhone 4S screen replacement. We do quality work for all iPhone screen repair Austin and stand behind our work with a warranty on the parts & labor.

Going to a professional might be worth it if you think it will be too complicated for you or you think you’ll end up doing more damage to your phone. It is important to note that not all repair shops are created equal. We recommend checking Yelp or Google for unbiased reviews on past repair work before making a final choice.

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Sell Your iPhone 4S Instead

Since an iPhone 4S is an older generation iPhone, fixing your own screen or getting your iPhone 4S screen replacement by someone else might not be worth it.

Selling your iPhone 4S for cash might be a better way to go about the whole thing. You can use the buyback cash towards a replacement phone that will last you for a long time – and maybe a case that will better protect your phone next time you drop it.

You’ll want to make sure that whatever website or service you use for buying back the phone, you have someone that you can really trust. One such website is RecycleCellular.com, where you can Sell iPhone 4S in gently used or cracked conditions. The buyback cost will vary greatly depending on the cosmetic condition, but it is surely better than nothing.

At the end of the day, we all need our phones to work properly. Whether you use them for work or you just need them for directions, having even a single crack somewhere can really mess them up. Make sure you weigh all of your options when it comes to considering an iPhone 4S screen replacement – you can do the repairs yourself or you can sell my  iPhone for cash. Think about when you are going to get a new phone, how well the phone was working elsewhere, and whether or not you can operate the cracked phone.

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