3 Places Where You Can Buy A Used Phone From

When you lose or break your phone you have to buy a new one. Or do you? Buying a cell phone that is used is one of the best ways to save money and still get a quality replacement.

But how do you know if the used phone you are buying will be worth it? There are a few tips we share on where the best places are to buy a used phone.

Where is the best Place to Buy A Used Phone?

The best place to purchase a used cell phone is on-line!

There are sites like our eCommerce site BestUsedCellPhones.com where you can find phones not available anywhere else. It is because they gather only the best phones from all over, permitting them to be picky with what they want to sell and providing you with the greatest collection.

There you will find smartphones and basic flip phones side by side that are ready to activate on your account. What makes us different is that every phone we sell is manually hand tested, inspected, ESN checked and cleaned for resale.

With any item sold, and this is especially true for a used item, things don't always work as they should. Because of this we include a 30 day warranty on every phone we sell. Not all sites that sell used phones are the same so pay attention to their quality assurance and return policy.

When you buy a phone from a place that has a great reputation there is a lower risk compared to the other places mentioned below.

Buying a phone off Craigslist

This is probably the riskiest option as there are no warranties or guarantees.

Unless you are an expert on all things that could go wrong we would not recommend it. However if you are willing to accept the risk, including personal risk, then there are definitely deals to be had.

If you plan to go this route we recommend you set the meeting at the carrier store so that you can have a representative check the phone and make sure it is clear to activate on your service. If the seller is unwilling to do this then chances are that there is something shady going on there.

You can buy a replacement phone on our eCommerce site but if you are in Austin Texas then you can come into our store to buy the same phones. We will even help get your phone activate while you are in our store if we can. Sometimes you will have to go to your carrier store.

How about buying a phone on ebay?

Buying a phone on eBay is a better solution than on a local classified site. eBay protects their buyers and wants to make sure that they have a good experience on eBay.

We are also sellers on eBay so we know first hand how the culture is at eBay when it comes to making sure their customers are happy.

We suggest you look through and only consider sellers with a proven track record. Stick to sellers with a high feedback count with a positive feedback rating of 95% and up.

This means that the seller has been around for a while, knows how to provide a quality item and provide support when issues arise.

When things go horribly wrong contact eBay. There are there to help and will work with you and the seller to get things right. The sellers on eBay have an incentive to solve any pending issues with their buyers. Sellers on eBay are graded on how well they can handle their business on eBay. If they fail to work with you then they get a lower score and limits are imposed on their selling abilities.

I don't recommend you use this knowledge to manipulate the sellers to do what you want if you are responsible for the grievance. Most sellers on eBay are small business owners that could potentially go out of business if their eBay seller accounts gets banned or limited.

Go with what fits your need the best

What it all comes down to is, what is best for you. Figure out what you need, versus what you want. Determine how much risk you are willing to take and do your research. Also, if the reason you are looking for a replacement cell phone is because your old one is broke, you should consider repairing it. Check with a local cell phone repair store to see how much it costs to get fixed. Sometimes it is cheaper to repair it than replacing it.

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