iPhone Wont Charge? Try This Before Buying A New iPhone

Your iPhone is important, VERY important. Imagine not having it at all or worse, it wont turn on. So what happens when your iPhone wont charge?

There are a number of reason why your iPhone wont charge and at here at The Austin Cell Phone we've been able to repair most of them. Today we will cover a clever do-it-yourself trick to get your iPhone up and charging again. 

What is this amazingly clever trick you say? Sometimes when an iPhone wont charge, all it needs is a good cleaning. OMG, NO WAY!

YES WAY! All iPhone's have had this problem and we see it all of the time. While in your pocket or purse, it does a great job at collecting pocket lint. 

How does this happen?

Over time, that pocket lint gets into the charge port. It's not a lot and happens a little at a time. When you plug in your iPhone to charge over night the lint gets jammed in the back. 

Do this repeatedly for months, even years and eventually the charge port is full of lint and the charger cannot make a good connection to charge the iPhone. 

Try this when your iPhone wont charge

Is there a risk of doing it myself?

Yes, there are small pins inside the charge port that can get damaged. Sticking a foreign object inside to clean out the port can also damage these pics if you are not careful. Which is why we say, do this at your own risk.  

I tried cleaning it & still, my iPhone wont charge

At least it was worth a shot and all it cost you was a few minutes of your time. Now that you've ruled out a dirty charge port, you still have options. 

There are many reason why the iPhone wont charge and the best next step is to bring it into our iPhone repair shop in Austin. We will diagnose the iPhone for free and tell you exactly what needs to happen to get your iPhone up and charging again. 

Most of the time we will do an iPhone charge port repair which will replace it with a new one. This repair is inexpensive and starts at just $39. We have the parts in stock and the repair takes about 30 minutes. 

There are some rare occasions when we change out the charge port and the still, the iPhone wont charge. This means the problem is with the logic board and most likely cannot be repaired.

No need to worry though. This is very rare and if turns out to be the case for you, we will not charge you for any of our time or labor. We could also offer you one of our gently used smartphones for sale

Have questions and want to talk with someone?

Call us directly at 512-432-5528. We are here to service our customers as best we can by answering your questions without any type of sales pitch. 

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