The Verizon Edge Plan, Is This Financing Option For You?

As a way to gain an edge with the mobile service provider wars, network providers are always on the fence when it comes to forming new ways to entice consumers. One of the new programs that network providers are offering is financing plans that allow consumers to upgrade their devices as soon as possible with a payment plan. Verizon offers such kind of program, and it is known as the Verizon Edge. In this article, we will cover what Verizon Edge is all about and figure out if it’s worth your time or hard earned money.

What is Verizon Edge?

Verizon Edge is a financing option for new devices offered by Verizon for their customers. At the core, it is a means of helping customers upgrade their devices without having to wait for an upgrade. At the moment, the Verizon Edge program offers you the opportunity to upgrade your device in as little as 30 days from starting your service. With the Verizon Edge program, you will have a financing plan in addition to your rate plan that allows you to pay for your device spread across 24 months (added to your monthly network service bills). And, whenever you have a paid off at least 50% of the device, you have the option of upgrading thus perpetuating the financing. It is important to note that there is no discount or subsidized price when financing, you are paying full price.

How to use Verizon Edge to your benefit.

First and foremost, there’s nothing really wrong with Verizon Edge’s program. This is a decent way to purchase a new device without the huge upfront cost. Plus, the ability to upgrade once you have paid off at least 75% of your current device is a bonus. According to Verizon, consumers can upgrade the device as little as six months. With new devices being release on what seems like a daily basis, upgrading more frequently must be a good thing. The real caveat here is that you have to pay at least 75% off of your current device before the program allows you to upgrade. This means, if have your current device is financed for $400, and you are paying $25/month, you will have to wait twelve months before you can upgrade; or, the program allows you to upgrade only after 30days and have paid off at least 75% of the device. This is can certainly be beneficial to someone who does not mind paying full price for a device while kept in a perpetual cycle of cell phone payments. A real problem occurs when you’re unsatisfied with your device purchased under the Verizon Edge program. This means, you have to wait to upgrade until you have paid 75% of the device.

A Verizon Edge Alternative

If what you are after is the option to constantly upgrade your phone without the payment plan, then a good alternative is to get used Verizon phones. Buying quality Used Cell Phones has its advantages. For one, getting used Verizon Cell Phones For Sale means that you are not tied to any kind of program, and you will be able to change phones freely anytime. Also, getting a used Verizon phone usually means that you will be getting the best value for your money. Keep in mind that when it comes to value, the biggest value drop of mobile devices is the moment when you take it home and use it, removing its status as “new”. Combining these two factors together, you will be able to upgrade or change devices, whenever you want with the best bang for your buck. There are things to consider when buying a used cell phone, read our other article Used Cell Phones For Sale, Are They Worth It? for best practices. In Austin Texas if you are looking for a quality used Verizon cell phone you can give us a call at 512-432-5528.

Verizon Edge Summary

The Verizon Edge program is a financing option that allows Verizon customers to upgrade sooner. It enables  consumers to get the device now and pay for it later, spread across 24 months. The program also allows you to upgrade again once you have paid off 75% of the device and after 30 days. It sounds good deal on paper and in theory but may not be so in real life. A viable alternative is to consider Used Verizon Phones as it offers no ties and better bang for your buck.

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Tony - February 20, 2015 Reply

Used Gear S available?

I missed the sale at Verizon, so now looking for a Gear S that I can use on their network. I chatted with Samsung and Verizon. Both agreed an unlocked Gear S would be an option so that would be okay too. However, one specifically for Verizon is also okay.

The doofus folks on Craig’s list believe they can sell their used ones for more than a new one costs, so that option is pretty much off the table.

Anyone have thoughts on where to get a Gear S these days?

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