Third Party Screen Repairs Will Not Void the Warranty, Says Apple

Ever since the introduction of the touchscreen smartphones, one of the most common problem that smart phone users have to deal with is a cracked screen. The Apple iPhone is no stranger to a cracked screen and seems to be more prone to damage. ​

Smartphone screens can only withstand accidental and minor bumps here and there. A major fall can crack and destroy the screen which sometimes render the smartphone useless. All vital functions on a smartphone are primarily done ​on the screen. ​

​Through the years, touchscreen smartphone manufacturers have tried to make the screens thin yet durable. But despite the efforts, screens are still not 100% resistant to cracking.

​The Apple iPhone Is Know To Crack Easily

Apple’s iPhone, notwithstanding the technology applied to the smartphone, is still not impervious to cracked screens. In fact, cracked iPhone screens are so common that third party repairs have sprung up almost everywhere.

It does not help that cracked iPhone screen replacements are generally not cheap when done by Apple. Third party repair providers offer screen replacement at a cheaper price for the same quality.

Surprisingly though, Apple has became less strict in its screen repairs. Just September of last year, the company lowered the price of its screen replacement. Before, iPhone models under the AppleCare+ could have its screen fixed for a cost ranging from $79-$99. Now, the screen replacement costs only $29.

This has made the Apple repair price competitive since third party repairs usually cost $100 - $150. Here and The Austin Cell Phone, our iPhone screen repair costs range from $59 - $129.

​If the iPhone is out of warranty, the third party repair is more appealing since Apple screen replacements will ​range from $129 to a whooping $279. By making screen replacements for certain iPhone models in a flat rate of $29, Apple has also increased the attractiveness of the AppleCare+ program.

Aside from lowering the price of screen replacements, Apple has also lifted its policy against third party screen repairs. The policy used to state that an iPhone’s warranty is void whenever the device had a third party display. Apple would then will not perform any repair or warranty the device.

​However, early ​in 2017, Apple had a change of heart. The tech company has rolled out a memo which tells Apple retail employees that an iPhone’s warranty is no longer void even if the device’s screen is repaired by a third party cell phone repair shop.

Details of the New Repair Policy

Under the new policy, an iPhone can still be repaired by Apple even if the device’s screen has been previously fixed by a third party repair provider. However, this policy does not apply to all kinds of repair.

​If the repair done by the third party caused damage to the device, then the user has to pay​ the out-of-warranty price​. ​Additionally, if the repair is related to the display, then the cost of the next repair at an Apple store or any authorized shop is at the out-of-warranty price.

Under the memo, before proceeding with the repair of anything not related to the display, the Apple retail store employees or Apple authorized service providers should inspect the iPhone unit for signs of fraud or tampering. As mentioned above, if the repair to be done is due to a damage caused by the display fix done by a third party, any repair by Apple will be considered out-of-warranty.  This includes replacing any parts that the third party service provider has installed.

​AppleCare+ will simply not cover any repair or part replacement related to the repair done by ​a third party service provider. The worst case scenario is that Apple will refuse to repair it.

The memo released by Apple unfortunately applies only to repairs in the United States, Canada, and certain regions. To ensure that your region is included, ​check out Apple's repair terms and conditions before getting your iPhone repaired by a third party service provider.

The Effect Of The Policies In Screen Replacement Price & Third Party Repairs

Until now, Apple has not released any official statement regarding the reason behind the sudden change in its screen repair policy. Nevertheless, consumers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they can get their iPhone’s screen repaired anywhere else without worrying about voiding the warranty.

Additionally, it seems that Apple is also inviting more consumers to replace their screens at authorized service providers by making it cheaper to do so. Consumers can get Apple authorized repairs and parts with the new $29 tier price on all the recent models from iPhone 6 to the iPhone X.

​In the end, consumers are presented with a lot of options for their screen replacement needs. This ensures that users of iPhone's can use and enjoy their units longer since getting screen repairs ​will be easier.

​Cautionary Tips Before Getting Your iPhone Repaired At A Third Party Location

You should be cautious of getting repairs from just any third party service providers. Because of the caveat that Apple has put in its screen replacement policy. An iPhone user must first ascertain that the third party service provider does quality screen repairs.

If the third party service provider damages the device further, then the user will be the one ultimately bearing the burden of the repair. Therefore, before heading out, follow these steps:

  • 1
    ​Get a list of the third party service providers near you. You can do so by surfing the net or asking friends or relatives for referrals.
  • 2
    ​Do your research. Nowadays, there are a lot of third service providers with their services and ratings posted online. It will not be difficult to ​find reviews regarding the services they offer.
  • 3
    ​Compare and contrast. Apple has made the AppleCare+ program more competitive by lowering the price of screen replacements. Therefore, if you are opting for a third party service provider, then you have to ensure that the pros outweigh the benefits of just having it done by Apple or any of its authorized service provider. A third party repair is more enticing for iPhone units which are already out of warranty.

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