Sell a broken iPhone

Sell A Broken iPhone Or Have It Repaired – Getting The Most Value

How Do I Sell A Broken iPhone?

Do you have a damaged or broken iPhone in your hands? If so, you must be thinking of just discarding it and getting a new phone. After all, broken iPhone’s can’t be of much value anymore, right? Wrong.

Sell a broken iPhone

Sell a broken iPhone or have it repaired

Most iPhone users assume that trying to sell a broken iPhone is not a feasible option. That’s because they are often unaware that this popular smartphone is worth a lot – whether it’s in good condition or not. The truth is, despite its damaged state, there are still many ways for you to get the most value you sell a broken iPhone.

The iPhone name commands an above average resale value, often higher than its Android counterparts. And yes, even a small (or large) crack on its screen should not stop you from reselling your iPhone and still getting a good price for it. If you’re looking to sell a broken iPhone in Austin or elsewhere in the world, there are many things to consider so you can get the best resale value for you iPhone.

Why Broken or Cracked iPhone’s are worth something

With the Apple name attached to it, an iPhone with a cracked screen still has value, especially if we’re talking about the latest-generation models, starting from the iPhone 4S upwards. The smartphones continue to command a considerable amount because the demand for these models is still high.

There are many consumers who would like to buy a used iPhone at a price significantly lower than brand new, and then just have it repaired. Aside from these potential buyers, repair techs – both professional and non – are also willing to snap up damaged iPhone’s, knowing full well that they can Frankenstein cracked and broken iPhone screens. Procuring the phones at the right price allows these technicians to assemble perfectly working iPhone’s, which are commonly known and sold as ‘refurbished’ iPhone’s. On the downside for the seller, you may not get a lot from selling your broken iPhone in this case.

To repair or not to repair

Seeking to sell a broken iPhone to someone who can have it repaired or can repair it himself are just two of the options to consider. But perhaps the easiest and most effective way to increase the resale value of your gadget is to simply take it to a repair shop, have the screen replaced, and then put it up for sale as a perfectly good working phone.

Of course, you will have to invest some amount of cash to have your damaged iPhone repaired first, but because you can then sell it for a much better price, you will be able to get back your investment plus a little more. Not only will the newly-repaired Apple iPhone fetch you a significantly bigger amount than selling it as is (broken screen and all), it will also allow you to sell it faster because more people would be eager to buy a fully functional iPhone than one that still requires repair. It also goes without saying that having the iPhone repaired now opens up the alternative for you to not sell your iPhone and just continue using it.

Broken iPhone repair: Exploring your options

So where should you start when you’re ready to have your broken iPhone repaired? Well, if your iPhone is still under warranty, then you can either go directly to an Apple store, to the phone company where you got the unit from, or to an authorized Apple re-seller. Take note though, that the warranty does not cover accidental damage to the iPhone so having it repaired through any of these routes will cost you a hefty amount.

Apple iPhone Repair

Repair your cracked or broken iPhone

Now if you’d rather go the less expensive course of action, you can actually find do-it-yourself kits that let you work on the screen replacement yourself. However, to take on the task yourself, you have to be quite confident about your tech skills, otherwise you could end up doing more harm than good to your device. In this case, the best alternative for you is to find a reliable repair shop that can do a bang up job of replacing your screen. This way, you leave the job to professionals without having to spend a fortune.

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The choice is yours

Whether you decide to repair, resell, or re-purpose your iPhone, there is some money to be had. Getting some green for being green is a keen concept. Leave your comments below to share your thoughts or ideas on getting the most when trying to sell a broken iPhone.

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