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Start Here For iPhone 4S Screen Replacement Info & Tips

Having a cracked iPhone 4S screen isn’t fun. Depending on how much it is cracked, you might not be able to do things that you would normally do. For some people, even texting or opening your phone could result in pain as small shards of glass could get into your fingers.

For so long, shattering your phone’s screen meant that you needed to either live with the cracks or buy a whole new phone. However, those are no longer the only options. Instead, you do have the choice of getting an iPhone 4S screen replacement.

How to Fix an iPhone 4S Screen

Having your iPhone 4S screen replacement is a lot easier than most people expect. Even though the phone is complicated, the fix is manageable. You’ll need the following parts to make the fix: new screen, pentalobe screwdriver, standard #000 Phillips screwdriver, nylon spudger, guitar pick, suction cups. It is critical that you buy high quality tools so that you don’t do anymore damage to the inside or outside of your phone. All of these parts are available on Amazon.

Once you have secured all of your tools, there are many options online to help you complete the task. You’ll find plenty of videos on YouTube that show you how to do it step by step. Our suggestion is to watch the videos a few times before you even start doing it by yourself. Even better, you should watch a few different videos to see if you can find different ways to fix it. Some ways might be easier and some might be smarter depending on your screen and skill level.

Check out this great video on how to do an iPhone 4S screen replacement .

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement Kits Available on Amazon, Click On Image To Buy

White iPhone 4S Screen Replacement
Black iPhone 4S Screen Replacement
iPhone 4S Screen Replacement Austin Texas TX
iPhone 4S Screen Replacement Cost

Cost for iPhone 4s Screen Replacement

The cost of an iPhone 4s screen replacement will vary depending on the individual. If you already have some of the tools needed to do the replacement yourself, then your costs will be much lower than someone who needs to purchase everything.

The cost of a new screen is around $20, though you can find screens for much more and much less. The truth of the matter is that around $20 should be your goal if you plan on doing it yourself. Anything less and you are just asking for your screen to break again. Anything more, and you are probably overpaying or buying something you don’t need.

If you prefer not to attempt the repair yourself, you can take it into a cell phone repair shop. There you will pay for the iPhone 4S screen replacement part as well as the labor. Depending where you live and the quality of work from the store, you will should pay around $50. At the time of this article The Austin Cell Phone charges $49 for an iPhone 4S screen replacement. We do quality work for all iPhone screen repair Austin and stand behind our work with a warranty on the parts & labor.

Going to a professional might be worth it if you think it will be too complicated for you or you think you’ll end up doing more damage to your phone. It is important to note that not all repair shops are created equal. We recommend checking Yelp or Google for unbiased reviews on past repair work before making a final choice.

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Sell Your iPhone 4S Instead

Since an iPhone 4S is an older generation iPhone, fixing your own screen or getting your iPhone 4S screen replacement by someone else might not be worth it.

Selling your iPhone 4S for cash might be a better way to go about the whole thing. You can use the buyback cash towards a replacement phone that will last you for a long time – and maybe a case that will better protect your phone next time you drop it.

You’ll want to make sure that whatever website or service you use for buying back the phone, you have someone that you can really trust. One such website is, where you can Sell iPhone 4S in gently used or cracked conditions. The buyback cost will vary greatly depending on the cosmetic condition, but it is surely better than nothing.

At the end of the day, we all need our phones to work properly. Whether you use them for work or you just need them for directions, having even a single crack somewhere can really mess them up. Make sure you weigh all of your options when it comes to considering an iPhone 4S screen replacement – you can do the repairs yourself or you can sell my  iPhone for cash. Think about when you are going to get a new phone, how well the phone was working elsewhere, and whether or not you can operate the cracked phone.

February 28, 2015

iPhone Repair In Austin, Great For A Quick & Affordable Repair

As any other electronic device, iPhone’s are prone to a cracked screen here or there and thus, must be repaired. Repair and replacement of parts of such an important communication gadget shouldn’t be gambled with or left in the hands of just any repair man. It is important to seek the services of a qualified and experienced technician in the Cell Phone Repair field. The Austin Cell Phone is well placed and highly reputed to offer iPhone Repair In Austin and its surrounding areas. Highlighted below are the company’s reasons to believe in its services.

Professional Staff For Your iPhone Repair In Austin

Having been preforming repairs on the Apple iPhone for quite some time, the company’s highly trained, skilled and experienced repair technician’s are well placed to successfully handle iPhone Repair In Austin. The staff are able to diagnose and address the problem quickly & effectively. This is regardless of whether the phone has developed a software problem or just needs an iPhone Screen Repair. Unless the problem is adequately addressed the first time, the iPhone might need fixing again and again.

Excellent Service in iPhone Repair 512-432-5528

It’s always assumed that with qualified and skilled professional staff, one gets the best service. The truth is that, this isn’t always the case. Several factors warrant consideration especially if one is to repair such a sensitive and at times expensive gadget. Factors worth consideration includes the cause of the problem, associated parts to be used as well as their availability and actual repair process. The process needs to be handled diligently and with utmost care to ensure success. With iPhone Repair Austin TX, one is assured of not only quality service but also excellently delivered service. The fact is that, The Austin Cell Phone has gone a notch higher by providing an all extensive and inclusive guarantees on all the work it’s contracted to do for a full 45 days for all iPhone Repair In Austin. This includes defects in parts and workmanship. The repair warranty is rarely used due to the diligent nature of service repair provision the company offers.

Flexible Hours For A iPhone Repair In Austin

The Austin Cell Phone offers iPhone Repair In Austin from morning to late evening on all the week days and opens till early afternoon on Saturday. This gives flexibility to those seeking phone repair service to choose the time that best fits their schedule. The company even has dedicated lines to handle all phone calls during working hours. Contact Us with the greatest of ease.

Many Different Repair Requests Handled

There are so many aspects or parts of an iPhone that might need repair. The Austin Cell Phone isn’t only prepared to handle such defects, but also different brands from the same manufacturer or different manufacturers. It’s thus, a one stop shop for iPhone Repair In Austin. The service repairs include the following and many more.
· Damaged or cracked screen
· Faulty charging system
· Software problems
· Unresponsive touch screen
· Repairing on and off button
· Trouble shooting to diagnose a problem
Its worth to note that there isn’t any kind of repair that the company has failed to correct. This is in exception to defects caused by manufacturers’ fault or severe ones which would cost the same amount to repair as buying a new one. This is regardless of whether the problem is software related or just a faulty hardware part.

We Have The Tools To Get It Done Right

Looking at qualified technicians at iPhone Repair Austin TX, fixing faulty phones, one can be forgiven for considering that the task is easy. Many people seeking iPhone Repair In Austin service only realize how confusing, complex and time consuming the task is. This is after they have wasted enough of their valuable time fixing what they have no idea about. iPhone repair not only requires expertise but also special tools and equipment. These enable the technicians to do their work diligently. The company has endeavored to invest heavily in modern tools and equipment to handle all the assignment. It has also strive to train its employees on how to use modern tools. The company has also included in its training program some relevant industry modern technological development in iPhone. All these are geared to sharpen and prepare its technicians to do excellent job.

Can Repair Different iPhone Models

There are so many iPhone models that require repair. The Austin Cell Phone feels that it’s its responsibility to satisfy its customers by providing lasting solutions to their iPhone problems. For this reason, the company has contracted experts to virtually handle the many different Apple models including iPad Repair Austin. We have also been in the look out for any industrial change and factors affecting iPhone Repair In Austin. For this very reason, The Austin Cell Phone, has been able to stay on top of any technological development and gained a competitive edge over its competitors.

iPhone Repair, Stop Procrastinating and Get It Done

An iPhone is one of the most elegant and popular gadgets for smartphone lovers. Besides the gadget’s user friendly and intuitive interface, the iPhone also offers a wide range of innovative and high end features. The perfect combination of looks and features make it an indispensable gadget for every user.

Since the iPhone was released in the market, it has revolutionized the smartphone industry. People have made this gadget a part of their lives. They use it while cooking, driving, studying or entertaining themselves. Even though this useful device is extremely powerful it is also very fragile. At times, you might experience some problems or suffer from butter finger. If you find yourself with a damaged device, it’s important to consider what options are available.

Importance of Professional iPhone Repair

Though there are numerous “how to” videos and cheap parts on the Internet, you need to look for a professional repair service for your iPhone. On the Internet, you can only find cheap and ineffective aftermarket parts that run the risk of further damaging your device. In order to continue getting full use on your expensive iPhone, taking it to a professional repair service with a warranty will put your mind at ease.

When you entrust your damaged or broken iPhone to the experts, you can have the gadget fixed for less that what you would expect without taking it to Apple. Moreover, you are able to retain your precious data in your device after a professional iPhone repair. People who bought their iPhone’s under contract definitely benefit from the services by eliminating the need to buy a replacement iPhone or sign a new contract.

It is worth mentioning that most professional iPhone repair business also handle iPad Screen Repair and other devices. Whether you are facing a minor problem or broken the phone’s screen, a professional service can help you out. An iPhone repair service makes sure you do not have to buy a new replacement and shed loads of money. Here are some key benefits of consulting a professional repair company.

Local Professional service – A local professional company offers high quality services to make sure you receive good value for your money. With a professional service, you get the best job done at a reasonable price. Whether it is a iPhone screen repair or managing other issues, such as iPhone charge port replacement, iPhone home button replacement or iPhone volume button replacement, you do not need to worry about anything. In Austin you can call 512-432-5528 for quick iPhone repair services.

Customer service – When you consult a professional iPhone repair company to get your gadget repaired, you can be assured of the best customer service from start to finish. A professional company is easily accessible either through email or telephone. Moreover, you can reach the repair service professional via multiple communication channels to answer any of you questions.

Long term benefits – A professional company provides you with a wide range of long term benefits. Experienced professionals working in a repair company never perform a shoddy job. In a tough competitive market, every company wants to build long lasting relationships with customers. Thus, every company performs an excellent job to make sure you recommend the service to your friends & family. Most companies thrive on word-of-mouth advertising or online review places like Yelp, and make sincere efforts to build a good reputation in the market.

Authentic parts – It’s worth mentioning that a professional company always uses authentic parts to repair your iPhone. In fact, most companies take the part of the phone that needs to be replaced, and disposes of it properly while installing your new authentic replacement part. Due to this, when you plan to sell the iPhone in future, you don’t feel shaky. You will always know that your iPhone was handled by professionals.

Increased value – In case you plan on selling your Apple iPhone when it is time to upgrade, you can expect the sale price to be more when fully functional. With the value of phones being in the hundreds of dollars for a used item, a broken or defective one is a hard sell. When the unexpected slip of the phone on the pavement happens that causes the dreaded cracked glass, a quick iPhone repair will not only retain your resell value but score you coolness points with your friends.

These were some of the most important benefits of consulting a professional and experienced iPhone repair service. Professionals make sure everything is handled in the best manner while you are completely hands free. Hence, when your iPhone is damaged or causes some problems, you should look for a professional service nearby. This will keep your iPhone in excellent condition, and even sustain the value of your gadget.

Better to have your iPhone screen repair vs replacing

iPhone Screen Repair

Most people nowadays are wondering whether it’s best to resort to an iPhone screen repair service or simply swap the device with a new one. Although iPhones have gotten more and more sophisticated with time, they still have one weakness which will undoubtedly be hard to solve even in future device updates: screen durability.

With this in mind, dropping your iPhone on a hard floor could imply some minor scratches at best and a huge crack at worst, which might even impair device functionality. Fortunately, if your iPhone suffered from such drop, that does not mean you have to replace it right on the spot. There are alternatives worthy to be taken into account.

Save Money Repairing vs Replacing

Choosing to do a iPhone screen repair means that you will save a significant amount of money, since a new iPhone will easily cost you $600+ if bought without a new contract agreement. Even when you consider to buy a used iPhone the cost exceeds the cost of  a iPhone screen repair. By comparison, repairing or replacing the screen will be a lot cheaper for you, requiring you to give only half of that sum at maximum, but in many cases a lot less than that. Very important here is the type of damage which the screen went through as well as the device model (e.g. iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5S, etc.).

Local iPhone Repair or Mail In Service

You might not want to replace your iPhone immediately with a new one if the screen got broken, especially if it’s a recent model, hence the reason why an iPhone screen repair service comes as a convenient alternative. You only have to take the device to one of the local repair shops in your area or opt for a mail-in repair service such as iPhone Repair in Austin Texas where you only have to pack the device accordingly and send it as per requirements, following for you to get the unit repaired within a specified period of time.

Get A Case After Your iPhone Screen Repair

Repairing your iPhone’s screen is the most convenient solution in most cases, as even buying a new gadget implies that it will be vulnerable to accidental drops and shocks. Of course, you could buy a bulky case to protect it, but few people wish to resort to such means. Therefore, opting for an iPhone screen repair service can free you from a lot of hassle and can assure that your device will be as new once again without you having to pay the entire price of a new model, which in some cases may exceed $600. Always opt for a repairing facility if money is important to you and you don’t simply want to throw your current iPhone at the bin.

Sell A Broken iPhone Or Have It Repaired – Getting The Most Value

How Do I Sell A Broken iPhone?

Do you have a damaged or broken iPhone in your hands? If so, you must be thinking of just discarding it and getting a new phone. After all, broken iPhone’s can’t be of much value anymore, right? Wrong.

Most iPhone users assume that trying to sell a broken iPhone is not a feasible option. That’s because they are often unaware that this popular smartphone is worth a lot – whether it’s in good condition or not. The truth is, despite its damaged state, there are still many ways for you to get the most value you sell a broken iPhone.

The iPhone name commands an above average resale value, often higher than its Android counterparts. And yes, even a small (or large) crack on its screen should not stop you from reselling your iPhone and still getting a good price for it. If you’re looking to sell a broken iPhone in Austin or elsewhere in the world, there are many things to consider so you can get the best resale value for you iPhone.

Why Broken or Cracked iPhone’s are worth something

With the Apple name attached to it, an iPhone with a cracked screen still has value, especially if we’re talking about the latest-generation models, starting from the iPhone 4S upwards. The smartphones continue to command a considerable amount because the demand for these models is still high.

There are many consumers who would like to buy a used iPhone at a price significantly lower than brand new, and then just have it repaired. Aside from these potential buyers, repair techs – both professional and non – are also willing to snap up damaged iPhone’s, knowing full well that they can Frankenstein cracked and broken iPhone screens. Procuring the phones at the right price allows these technicians to assemble perfectly working iPhone’s, which are commonly known and sold as ‘refurbished’ iPhone’s. On the downside for the seller, you may not get a lot from selling your broken iPhone in this case.

To repair or not to repair

Seeking to sell a broken iPhone to someone who can have it repaired or can repair it himself are just two of the options to consider. But perhaps the easiest and most effective way to increase the resale value of your gadget is to simply take it to a repair shop, have the screen replaced, and then put it up for sale as a perfectly good working phone.

Of course, you will have to invest some amount of cash to have your damaged iPhone repaired first, but because you can then sell it for a much better price, you will be able to get back your investment plus a little more. Not only will the newly-repaired Apple iPhone fetch you a significantly bigger amount than selling it as is (broken screen and all), it will also allow you to sell it faster because more people would be eager to buy a fully functional iPhone than one that still requires repair. It also goes without saying that having the iPhone repaired now opens up the alternative for you to not sell your iPhone and just continue using it.

Broken iPhone repair: Exploring your options

So where should you start when you’re ready to find an iPhone repair service? Well, if your iPhone is still under warranty, then you can either go directly to an Apple store, to the phone company where you got the unit from, or to an authorized Apple re-seller. Take note though, that the warranty does not cover accidental damage to the iPhone so having it repaired through any of these routes will cost you a hefty amount.

Now if you’d rather go the less expensive course of action, you can actually find do-it-yourself kits that let you work on the screen replacement yourself. However, to take on the task yourself, you have to be quite confident about your tech skills, otherwise you could end up doing more harm than good to your device. In this case, the best alternative for you is to find a reliable repair shop that can do a bang up job of replacing your screen. This way, you leave the job to professionals without having to spend a fortune.

Looking for iPhone repair in Austin, Texas? You can start by getting a quote from us then you should have some numbers to play with. You can call them locally at 512-432-5528.

The choice is yours

Whether you decide to repair, resell, or re-purpose your iPhone, there is some money to be had. Getting some green for being green is a keen concept. Leave your comments below to share your thoughts or ideas on getting the most when trying to sell a broken iPhone.