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Essential information on buying a used cell phone.

Should you get your phone repaired or just replaced it?

Repair Or Replace Your Phone

Repair Or Replace Your Phone

It’s something that’s bound to happen and we all hate it, having a broken cell phone hurts. We are so reliant on our phones these day’s so much that if we don’t have it it feels like a part of us is missing. For most people, not having a phone is not even an option. Our phones keep all of our pictures, music, phone number and important information.

When you have a broken phone your life seems on hold. There are actionable steps to take to get you reconnected either by repairing it or replacing it, we cover both options below.

Getting your phone repaired

Getting your cell phone repaired should be the first option you should consider. This option is usually cheaper that a replacement especially if the repair is minor. Today’s smartphones are so sophisticated that a tiny crack could render the entire screen unusable.

A cracked screen is the most common cause of damage, next is water damage, and can be repaired quickly by a reputable local repair shop.

Most people plan to trade in their current phone to upgrade to the latest model. This can save you big of the upgrade price however if its cracked or damaged guess what, you can’t trade it in.

Getting Your Cracked iPhone Repaired

The prices on the high end phones continue to rise and every little bit helps when it comes time to upgrade and this is especially true when you get an iPhone ?screen repair. When you plan to get your iPhone repaired make sure that you deal with a reputable repair shop that has good reviews. Otherwise you may end up with an iPhone that is in worse condition than it was before.

We are located in Austin Texas and we specialize in repairing iPhone’s. We also do iPad repairs, Samsung Galaxy repairs and almost all types of cell phone repairs too. And, if you are not located in Austin, try our mail in iPhone repair service where you can mail in your iPhone, get it repaired and get it back fast,

Getting a Replacement

A different option is to replace the phone with a new or used one. You can walk into your carrier store, spend up to $800 and get yourself a brand new phone. If you had payments on your old phone you will have to still pay that off too.

Simple, right?

Most people are not going to have the extra cash laying around to buy a new phone. Especially when the cost of a new phone can be as much as a car payment.

This is when you should consider buying a used phone. There are a bunch of good used phones ready to activate on your service that were left over from a previous upgrade. There are things you have to keep in mind when shopping for a used cell phone. You will want to make sure that the phone is compatible with your service and that there is nothing wrong with it. Buy a used phone on a classified site often means as is with no warranties.

There are business built around the sale of used cell phone and they should be your first choice. They often have been fully tested, clean, inspected and comes with a warranty.

Here at The Austin Cell Phone we do just that. Each phone we sell is hand tested, cleaned, inspected and verified clear to activate on your service. We also include the battery, wall charger and a 30 day warranty on all phones sold.

Buy A Used Cell Phone

Check out our online eCommerce site at Best Used Cell Phones. We have all of our inventory listed there. They are available for pick up at our brick and mortar store in Austin.

Once you’ve gotten your new phone, don’t forget to protect it to prevent having to go through this again. You can make a phone case yourself (or handyhülle selber gestalten for our German friends in need of help) online to help keep it safe, and paired with a screen protector it’s a very solid combination. Plus, it’s much cheaper to buy a phone case and screen protector than it is to buy a new iPhone, that’s for certain.

Or, just go without a phone

Who needs to have a phone with them all of the time anyway? Sure, you wont be able to receive text messages, remember your parents phone number and you would have to log onto a computer to reply to emails. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Challenge yourself to see how long you can last without your phone, you may just enjoy it. Get over your ?nomophobia and if you can get past the anxiety of felling like your not in the loop of things you may just start the trend we need as a society. Maybe that statement is a bit of an overreach but I can remember the days where there wasn’t a cell phone in ever ones hand.

When the time comes to get reconnected with the world, whether you want to or not, visit us for either a repair or replacement. We will get you back on your feet the same day. You can also do baby steps by starting out with a flip phone first.

The Reasons Why You Should Buy A Pre Owned Verizon Phone

Should You Buy Pre Owned Verizon Phones

You may come across a problem and need a replacement phone. If you don’t want to learn how to work a phone that wasn’t your last you have options. With Verizon wireless, there are tons of options when it comes to buying a pre owned for Verizon.

They keep making it so that it seems that you need to get the latest phone and upgrade. Why? Your old phone worked fine before it broke. One alternative is to buy your old model phone or one just like it that is a pre owned phone from Verizon.

This enables you to keep the cell phone you love, save some cash, and still have a phone that will work with your Verizon plan that your familiar with.

​Where Can you get a Pre Owned phone for Verizon?

​The internet. More specially from our brick and mortar store in Austin called The Austin Cell Phone. If you are not in Austin you can log onto our eCommerce site @ Best Used Cell Phones.

There are also other sites like ours and you can also find used Verizon phones on eBay. You want to make sure that the phone you buy is clear to activate on your account. Sometimes it refereed as having a clean ESN.  All of our phones have been verified clean & clear to activate on any Verizon account.

​We are an excellent option because we have a lot of pre owned Verizon phones. We have phone that are hard to find and are not sold in stores anymore. Probably the one you are looking for.

​Here are a few things to consider when looking for a pre owned Verizon phone. All of these are standard when it comes to what we sell and should be for all other pre owned phones.

  • The ESN is clean & clear to activate
  • The phone has been fully tested to work
  • The phone comes with a battery and home wall charger
  • A warranty is included in case it doesn’t work out

Pre Owned Verizon Phones Still Work

​A common misconception is that these phones are too old to activate. This is true for some of the very old phones which run of the 2G network. Phones that run off of the 3G network can still activate and work just fine without any issues.

Its easy to come to that conclusion when you walk into the Verizon store and see nothing but shiny smart phones that come with expensive data plans. The newer smartphones are now leased or purchased through a payment plan. If you do the math you are paying full price and can be expensive.

Also, when people hear the words “Pre Owned Verizon Phones” they tend to think about old flip phones, this is not the case. There are plenty of used smartphones ready to activate on your Verizon account that doesn’t require a contract, payment plan or lease option.  This is great for the person who just lost or broke their shiny new Galaxy or iPhone but can’t go back to a flip.

Whether you buy from us or not, understand that you have options. I invite you to comment below or give us a call if you have any questions or want to know more about getting a pre owned Verizon phone.

Is The iPhone 6S Worth The Upgrade? A Quick Guide On The Pros & Cons

iPhone 6S

Within the first weekend of its release, there were 13 million units of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S sold across the globe. Is iPhone 6S Worth It? In this article, we explore the pros and cons of the upgrade to help you decide whether you will upgrade to the iPhone 6S.

Very Similar Design, Easy To Mistake

From the outside, the iPhone 6S looks almost the same as iPhone 6. The new iPhone 6S is slightly heavier than the old model and slightly thicker. However, their cases can be used interchangeably.

Is The iPhone 6S Worth It With A Speed and Performance Upgrade?

When it comes to speed and performance, the new iPhone 6S takes the day. With the new iPhone 6S, apps load at impressive speeds. This is made possible by the featured A9 processor combined with a 2 GB RAM.
When Apple carries out an upgrade of one of their devices, they usually focus on improving the processor. The new iPhone 6S is has a powerful processor which enables it to even play intensively graphical games.

Is The iPhone 6S Worth It

Is The iPhone 6S Worth It

Beefy Camera, Slightly Better Quality Pictures

The new iPhone 6S comes with a 12MP rear camera. What amazes me is that the quality of pictures it takes is exactly the same as that of 8MP camera of the iPhone 6. This could leave you puzzled, is iPhone 6S worth it? But maybe they wanted something different to give to their customers.

Better Display & A Cool New Feature

The new iPhone 6 and its predecessor iPhone 6S have equally sized screens, 4.7 inch 1334 x 750. The manufacturer Apple however claims that the glass used on iPhone 6S is stronger than the one used on the older models. This is good news considering the repair on the iPhone 6 Screen can be pricey. If you live in Austin and you have a cracked iPhone 6 you might want to consider our iPhone 6 Screen Repair Austin service. We are pros when it comes to iPhone Repair Austin. If you do not live in Austin you can use our Mail In iPhone Repair service.
The 3D Touch feature in the new iPhone 6S is one of its pros that could make you think of upgrading. This feature works with all native Apple apps. When you long press an app, it pops up different options of what you would like to do with the app saving you time.

Smaller Battery Capacity
The new iPhone 6S does not serve you much when it comes to battery life. This is because it comes with a 1715 mAh battery pack compared to 1810 mAh battery pack. The smaller battery pack could be attributed to the large motor needed for 3D touch interface and the extra space taken by the pressure sensor. Is iPhone 6S Worth It with the lower battery capacity?

The Price Point Has Changed
The new iPhone 6S retails at $649 which $100 more than the iPhone 6. The price is not likely to drop any time soon until the release of iPhone 7. With the new features and the faster processing speeds, you will get value for your money. However, with the same camera, same chassis and a lower battery life, you might be patient until iPhone 7 is out.

So, Is iPhone 6S Worth It to upgrade? Only you can decide now. I typically view the S version of any new iPhone model the be superior. In this case I am not so sure. If you do decide to upgrade you can Sell iPhone with out sister site Recycled Cellular. You will get a fair cash offer to Sell iPhone 6 to help pay for the 6S.