Can You Replace the Glass Screen on an iPad

Wondering If You Can Replace the Glass Screen on an iPad?

Can You Replace the Glass Screen on an iPad

In short, yes you can repair your iPad and replace the screen on it. It is a bit of a complicated process that requires you to use some tools and you have to know exactly what you are doing.

It involves taking off the glass that is already there using a heating gun and razors. You have to be careful with both of those tools because they can be tricky to work with and you absolutely must avoid wires and cables.

Makes sure to be careful because the screen can crack and splinter quite a bit, which can and will cut you and could even harm the device. Don’t let any shards go into the iPad itself.

Now Here Comes The Hard Part, Actually Doing It

This is also the point where things might become a little scary. As the broken glass is being pried and stressed in the removal process, there’s a good chance that it will begin to splinter and break.

Take care not to cut the iPad camera cabling when your razor’s in that area. This process can take quite a while, so you want to make sure that you take your time.

Then, you’ll have to make sure the connections are okay and make a swap with some things on this screen to use on your new one. Then, you have to add the new glass. This can be difficult and requires a precise hand to get everything to line up properly.

The LCD and the glass are separate on most models, so that adds another layer to the process.

Cracked iPad Screen Repair In Austin Before & After

Where Can I Get My iPad Screen Replaced?

Sound like far too much work? For most people, it is better to have the iPad screen replaced by professionals. The Austin Cell Phone is the best place to go in Austin for your screen replacement services. Our team will work with you to get your iPad at least looking like new.

If you aren’t close to Austin, you will have to do some research. Take to Google and look over the results for your city. Make sure to look at reviews and check for their warranty. You’ll want to do some digging to find a company that you can trust.

If you need bulk repairs for your iPads, such as a school collection or a business, we do provide bulk repair services and rates. Call us at 512-432-5528 today to get more information about our bulk repairs.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace the Screen on an iPad?

For most models, it will cost around $69-$89 to replace the iPad screen for most models. There are different models of your iPads, including minis and larger ones, so the cost will vary depending on that. Some of the older models may actually cost more, depending on how difficult repairing them is and how much the replacement part costs.

For how much it is to fix your particular model, give The Austin Cell Phone a call and we can give you more information. Also, we recently added the option to mail in your iPhone repair for those not located in Austin. Soon we will adding the option to mail in your iPad repairs, so stay tuned.

At the end of the day, replacing the screen on an iPad is a difficult task to do by yourself if you haven’t done it many times before. It requires quite a bit of work and even some luck that you don’t do anything potentially damaging. Instead, give the experts a call. You can reach us at 512-432-5528.

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