Buying a used iPhone, a quick guide to help you make the right choice

The iPhone is a prize possession. With hundreds of apps, internet compatible and exquisite features every one would like to own an iPhone. Price is a factor to be considered if you plan on Buying A Used iPhone. Moreover Apple is constantly introducing new versions of the iPhone making your investment in a handset seem outdated in less than a year. However, pre-used iPhone’s don’t need to be considered ‘outdated’ or ‘old’. You can always customize your pre-used iPhone with cases from Mobile Mob or other accessories! However, you always need to consider the following tips before investing in a used iPhone.

Buying A Used iPhone from a reliable source:

Always ask the validity and reputation of the place from where you are planning to Buy A Used iPhone. If you plan on purchasing from an individual you are not familiar with, the best thing would be to meet them at your carrier store. Have the associate working at the store test your phone before you decide to hand over your money. A reliable online source to Buy Used Cell Phones can be found at All used cell phones, including the Apple iPhone, has been verified clean, tested and comes with a warranty.

Verify that you can activate the iPhone:

Just because it is an iPhone does not mean that you will be able to activate it on your service. With the iPhone currently being such a hot commodity, there are a ton of iPhones reported lost, stolen or have a past due balance. Apple iPhone’s such as these will not be able to activate on your service and you now have an expensive paper weight.

Test the iPhone inside and out:

Each iPhone has extraordinary features and has very delicate software. Fully test to make sure that the iPhone has full functionality and that the software has not been tampered with. A “Jailbroken” iPhone will usually not work correctly in the long run and will complicate your upgrade to the newest iOS when it becomes available. In the event that you are Buying A Used iPhone on the web, then your attention needs to be given according to the reliability of the auction website or seller, as you would not have the capacity to physically review the iPhone on offer. If there is a crack on the iPhone, consider offering less for it and then find a reliable iPhone repair shop locally.

Make an informed buying decision:

The latest model is the iPhone 6 with memory capacity up to 128GB. Not all iPhones are created equal and should be considered based on what your needs are and what the phone has to offer. For example the iPhone 4 is upgradeable to iOS 7 which is a good thing however the hardware on the iPhone 4 does not support the new software very well. The iPhone will operate on iOS 7 however it is very laggy and plagued with bugs that at times renders the iPhone useless. When Buying A Used iPhone you must also make sure the Find My iPhone feature is removed form the device. If you’re only looking into a used phone because of the factor of price, you may want to consider the savings you could make on a brand new one if you use something like a Raise coupon or promo code to make it more affordable.

Make sure the iPhone is on the right carrier:

Diverse carriers have distinctive administrations and handset compatibility. Before Buying A Used iPhone, you ought to make certain that the carrier you are already using great accepts the new iPhone you are planning to purchase. Apple makes the iPhone for a wide range of carriers both domestically and internationally. The iPhone does not have any carrier logos making them all look the same. For example, when someone goes to Sell their iPhone, a Sprint iPhone will look exactly the same as a Verizon iPhone. If you are on Verizon and purchased a Sprint iPhone then you are out of luck as Verizon will not activate a Sprint iPhone on their service.

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